Living a Life at Play

Living a Life at Play

When I talk about “Play”, I’m not talking about having more time for leisure. Rather, it is spending more time becoming yourself, living life at your best. You could describe it as finding the problem that you were created to solve. Play is about living in the now, being accountable for who you are to create the future you dream of and make a difference in this world. When you are discovering and building on your strengths, everything changes – your home life, your work life…your whole life. I was never very good at math, but as I tried to define “Play”, I was inspired to develop a Play Formula. 

When you divide your time by developing your strengths – motivated by what matters to you – that’s the formula for living a life at Play!

Strengths + Meaning / Time = Play

Flip Productivity™ Play Formula
Flip Productivity™ is a life and action planning system that combines workshop instruction, individual coaching, and practical tools starting with the Flip Book planner.

Strengths. Your born abilities are your strengths. Not just skills that you have acquired through instruction or experience, your strengths are a part of you. Uncover them, and develop them, and you will be able to align who you are with what you do.

Meaning. What does achieving your dream mean to you? What are your motivating factors? And how can you translate that meaning into what you do?

Time. Time is a measure of motion, and Flip Productivity™ harnesses the enduring physics of motion to enable disciplined thought and action. Only the past and future can be measured. The present is where you control your past by designing your future with each step that you take, moment by moment.

When you divide your time by developing your strengths – motivated by what matters to you – that’s the formula for living a life at Play!

Who do you think you are?

Answering that question requires thought, action, and inner work. I have always been obsessed with assessments. Every time I tell my family about another one that I’ve taken, they inevitably roll their eyes, but I’ve learned an important lesson from them. Your personality cannot be summed up in a subjective test. However, I have found that taking personality assessments can provide insight into different aspects of your thinking, instinctive responses, emotional IQ, and so much more. And depending on the stage of life I’ve been in, each one has given me the words I needed to describe my strengths and define my challenges. When I couldn’t articulate my ideas, assessments have helped me get clarity and even develop my personal mission, vision, and values…the foundation for every action that I take.

I discovered the Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment as an MBA student at Saint Leo University. I now offer it to all of my coaching clients because it identifies your Top 5 Strengths and provides an action plan for building on those strengths. My top 5 are Activator, Relator, Maximizer, Strategic, Belief. Gallup read my mail. Click here to find out yours!

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Flip Productivity™ Play Formula
StrengthsFinder 2.0

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